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About Us


Welcome To Citizen Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

CITIZEN INFOTECH PVT. LTD (CITZEN INFOTECH) is a customized process-driven software and web solutions provider. CITIZEN INFOTECH has been successful in providing quality services in different facets of information technology and computing ever since its establishment in 2007. The services include Web Solutions (Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Website Design/Development, and Web Application Development), Software Development, IT Consultancy/Training, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services of Computer Networking and Peripherals, Android/IOS Apps Development. Our solutions enable businesses and institutions to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today’s cut throat competitive market.

Our Vision

  • To earn global admiration as IT Company, by providing qualitative services and solutions in different aspects of Information Technology.

Our Mission

  • We aim at providing highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship, from initial contact to follow up support. We aspire to lead in the various avenues of Software market, implement novel ideas in project development and deliver cost effective and required solutions to prospective clients. Our technical expertise and experience are unparalleled in the industry. Recognizing a client's custom software development needs and consistently exceeding their expectations is what sets us apart from the rest. We therefore focus not only on developing and maintaining the products and services we offer, but also on building long term relationship. The uniqueness of Citizen Infotech which really sets us apart is that we work with you and pay constant attention to your requirements. We believe nothing works like networking. We ensure an excellent relationship with our internal and external team; our employees and our clients. At Citizen Infotech, team building and close interaction transcend our potential to assist and improve our business productivity and growth. We take Customer and client satisfaction as an opportunity to express leadership and deliver valuable services. Through expression of transparency and commitment towards our work team and work, we have successfully been able to create an excellent environment within and across the company.


  • Citizen Infotech (P.) Ltd. is backed by a team of committed, experienced and qualified professionals. The team is the firm's biggest asset. Our strength is recognizing client needs and fostering an on-going relationship from initial contact to follow-up support. Keeping just the right balance of your industrial experience and our tech minds, our projects transform into long-term partnerships from day one. We go beyond collecting 'done it' certificates!! At Citizen, a vibrant, self motivated and a young team of hard-core professionals with excellent academic backgrounds offer a unique blend of Software Development experience and a strong technological maturity. Our team is a total mix of experienced software developers, engineers with expertise in different domains of technology, software development, business management, sales and marketing and research. Every one of them contributes to the company with their in-depth knowledge, skill and experience in their individual fields. Our team′s significant experience in both products and services sets aside us to make suggestions to your product plans.


  • Respond promptly and flexibly to any changes or additions during the course of project.
  • Sincere Dedication of programmers to meet deadline.
  • Approach to building long term relationship for software development services.
  • Commitments in clients- benefit maximization.
  • We succeed by ensuring your success.
  • We don't turn light off at five.
  • We possess domain and subject matter knowledge, used for building industry-specific business applications and solutions. Our numerous projects in the area of web application development service give us an appreciation of the unique and complex business and technology challenges that our clients are experiencing today.

We cherish and nurture our values and interactions with all our employees and clients. We have high regards for individual value which creates a transparent atmosphere ensuring outstanding teamwork and rapport, built within the company. We promise to live up to our values.

Our values reflect in:

·         Bonding relationship with clients.

·         Client Intimacy.

·         Confidentiality with respect to work.

·         Reflective atmosphere.

·         Integrity expressed.

·         Independent business objectives.


Citizen Infotech has a strong technical team to provide different quality services. Team consists of professionals who have had significant experience of designing, developing and managing projects. We combine the best people, processes and technology to achieve customer satisfaction consistently. “CITIZEN INFOTECH” is best defined as youthful, ambitious, amiable and passionate. Regardless to mention, it inherits its qualities from its people who have a strong drive to excel, to deliver high quality work on time thus bring value to clients and have fun along the way. After all, the fact is the Citizen Infotech’s success is based on their skills and commitment. We always remember it is our people who deliver what client needs. Our expectations from our people are:

Accountability: Remain accountable for individual as well as teamwork.

Leadership: Leadership being the key essence for individual and company success.

Honesty: Observing honesty and trustworthiness in every dealing within company.

Openness: Openness to innovate by questioning, disagreeing and suggesting within disciplined environment.

Teamwork: Respect opinion, Share and Collaborate ideas and information, and provide mutual support for achievement of goals.

Communication: Share ideas, Listen to clients and colleagues and accept constructive criticism.

Excellence: Consistently upgrading oneself to achieve excellence. Teamwork is the fuel that allows the common people to attain uncommon results.

Complete Security and Protection: We unconditionally guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, design and development specifications, proprietary software and data with the highest levels of security. You must have full ownership of all intellectual property and software source code. We maintain strict confidentiality about our clients and never provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals.

We specialize in

·         Database solutions

·         Custom software solutions

·         Web Application Development

·         Custom Website development (including domain registration, web hosting).

·         Networking

·         Computer Peripherals Maintenance

·         Android/IoS Development

·         IT Consultancy/Training



Our clients include Government Organizations, Educational Institutions, Travel Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Advertising Agencies including several new entrepreneurs. Our solutions enable businesses and institutions to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today’s cut throat competitive market.